October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020



Upcoming singer  Shammy K,  is not 100% convinced that MC Kats is HIV positive as the TV personality revealed in 2019 and she is ready to fall in love with him regardless of his status.

Last year, Edwin Katamba a.k.a MC Kats revealed to the world that he has been living with AIDS for several years.

Fille and MC Kats separated and we have often seen the celebrated emcee in the company of Shammy K, the upcoming singer  who was signed to his music label/management Kats Music.

Rumors have always circulated that the two are seeing each other and consider becoming an item in future. MC Kats has, however, always declined to talk about it.

Shammy K revealed that she does fancy MC Kats and considers becoming his fiancee.

Shammy K, who is hoping on falling in love with the celebrated emcee, revealed that given a chance to become Kats’ girlfriend, she would easily consider it.

When asked about if she is aware of Kats’ HIV status and if it would be a determinant in her decision making on whether to fall in love with him or not, Shammy K had to say;

If he gave me a chance, yes, I would think about it because he is a man. Well, what he said about his HIV status could be wrong. Did he ever show you the results? He might have done it as a stunt. Nobody is sure about that.

Shammy K further went on to emphasize that even if she ever found out that MC Kats is really HIV positive like he says, she would still accept to be in a relationship with him because there are several couples who have survived when one partner is infected and the other is negative.

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