October 31, 2020
October 31, 2020

Mc Yallah The HipHop Goddess


1.Qtn.Can you tell us about your self Answer.Am a female Hiphop Artist/News Reporter on Newz beat a program that Aires on NTV Uganda every weekend and also an MDD Teacher.Music Dance and Drama 2.Qtn.When did u start singing? Answer.i started singing /Rapping in late 90s.while growing up,I used to listen to a lot of Rap music from artists such as:Mc Hammer, Vanilla Ice,Fugees ,Lost boys and Lil Kim.when I was 11years old ,I used to mimic these rapper’s songs at school before my classmates.At age 15,I joined the music Industry singing in a popular hang out joint then called DV8 in Kampala. I being one of the first female rappers in uganda.

3Qtn.What songs have recorded so far? Answer.I have recorded so many songs since 2010.such as Abakyala tuli bazira ft lady Slyke Sandie Soul and Prossy patra.and current one which is Mpambana .

4.Qtn.Are you married or single? Answer. Am married with two boys.

5.Qtn.can you tell us about your love life?if you have a family do you balance it with music. Answer. My love life?I ain’t complaining, I have a family and I have so far managed to balance it with music very well. 6Qtn.what are some of the challenges you meet? Answers.Balancing family,work and music is not that easy thou God has given the Grace to do so. Also getting to know what people really want to hear is challenging at times. Constant Air plays on radio etc 7.Qtn.Do you have any collabos? Answer. Yes,yes for sure..I have collaborated with female Rapper lady Slyke,Will stone Rapper from Goma Congo, Joey El Soldat from Burkinafaso,Pryce Teeba male artist if the year Ug Hiphop Awards 2017,Keko,Blessed sasn Reggae artist and many more. 8Qtn.where do you plan to be in the next five years.? Answer. In the next five years I see my self as an international artist cos thtts my target..and a consultant in this Genre of Music(Hip Hop)

9Qtn.Do you have any advice for young upcoming musicians who want to be like you? Answer. The advice that I have for young upcoming musicians who want to be like me is ..you should always know that success comes with hard work,patience,and persistence in this Genre of music HipHop . Background. Yallah Gaudencia Mbidde a.k.a Mc Yallah was born in 1983 by Kenyan parents Gilbert anumo and Joyce Aoko Obiero here in Uganda..I grew up from Bukoto street ,kira road.I study for Arya primary school, Kitante secondary school and Makerere.I currently stay on upper Naguru Ntinda. For people who want to contact me,you can area h me on Facebook,follow me on twitter and Instagram User name Mc Yallah listen to my music from Reverbnation,SoundCloud,ITunes Amazon and YouTube.

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