Meet Geosteady


Who is Geosteady?

Geosteady: I was born on 1st April 1990 in Mulago hospital. I grew up from Kiggaga Zone in Nateete. I am a S6 leaver. I have a family I love so much with one daughter named Sorayah Williams Kigozi.

SB: Tell us about your music. What kind of music do you do?

Geosteady: My music is inspiring. I do RnB, Reggae, and Zouk among others.

SB: When did you join entertainment?

Geosteady: It’s been four years now.

SB: Who inspired you into music?

Geosteady: I was inspired by my talent

SB: What has been your best song so far?

Geosteady: Same way

How easy is it working with your International Manager Mary Ingabire?

Geosteady: She is free to talk to and the best part is she fulfills whatever she promises. Mary is an amazing person to work with.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Geosteady: in the next five years, I must be a big star both locally and internationally.

SB: What do you think of Ugandan music industry?

Geosteady: It’s growing faster than before though full of politics. If the politics in it can reduce then it would be an added advantage to its growth.

eosteady doing one of his videos

SB: How do you find showbiz life?

Geosteady: It’s cool though quite expensive some times

SB: What has been your career highlight?

Geosteady: My career has been cool and I believe this isn’t where I began from. I pray it for it to continue flourishing with my working hard.

SB: What message do you have for upcoming artistes?

Geosteady: Be God fearing, hardworking, disciplined and focused.


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