Middle east consultants limited unveil more contracts abroad



By Jumah Kakomo.


Middle East consultants limited, a recruitment agency has unveiled more deals abroad to recruit more Ugandans to ensure the elimination of unemployment in the country specifically within youth.

Bus Drivers Checking Contracts

Benon Kunywana, middle east consultants limited general manager says, currently, they have again won several deals to recruit over 30,000 Ugandans abroad in Arab countries,’’we are to recruit 1,000 waitresses in Abu-Dhabi, 700 guards in a one company at Dubai, over 900 security guards in Qatar, 500 cleaners in Dubai, 900 bus drivers in Qatar, and 500 taxi drivers in Abu-Dhabi, Benon said’’.

Asked for more clarification over dehumanizing Ugandans who go abroad for jobs, Benon said, those who claim to be to dehumanized, are the ones who go abroad for jobs illegally, ’’ yes I hear such complaints from Ugandans both within and outside, but a person who goes abroad for job opportunity through illegal means are the ones likely to face such challenges, therefor I call upon Ugandans who are interested in jobs abroad to always contact legally operational recruitment agency to avoid such scenarios, and let me applaud the government through ministry of gender lobour and social development to intervene is such incidences, Benon added’’.

He says due to the nature of their work, they are eying for introducing their offices to at least district level nationwide to enable Ugandans accessing job opportunities abroad and to ensure more effective service delivery.

For more information please contact;

Tel; +2564144501177/ +256700677396.

Email; info@meconsultants.co.ug

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