Middle East consultants to recruit 10,000 Ugandan for World Cup work in Qatar.



By Jumah Kakomo.

Middle East consultants Limited has signed  a contract with Qatar government  to recruit 10,000 Ugandans a head of FIFA World cup 2022.

According to the company’s General manager Benon Kunywana Qatar was attracted by  the professionalism, skills  and competence of their company.

“we have recruited many Ugandans abroad to seek green pasture for more than 14 years, and the good news for them, we have got a contract with Qatar to recruit 10,000 security guards to ensure more stability during the 2022 FIFA World, so I  call upon Ugandans to contact us for more information.

Due to our remarkable work were recently ranked the best recruitment agency on the  African continent,Benon said”.


It is said that Ugandans who go abroad for jobs are dehumanized, which has left many frustrated, and tarnished the image of legally operational recruitment agencies.

“people always complain over dehumanized and mistreatment of Ugandans while at abroad, yes it might be true, but those who face such challenges are the ones who access jobs abroad through illegal means forestance passing via Uganda’s neighbouring countries in form of traffickingg, but to avoid this, I call upon Ugandans to contact middle East consultants limited for more sensitization.” Benon added


He further says , in order to eliminate  unemployment, they have extended their services to Jinja, Mbarara and Masaka with a target of covering the entire country  by the end of 2019, before applauding the  Middle east consultants Limited’s Managing directorMr. Gordon Mugyenyi for the tremendous work done.


“Lastly, I want to make clarification on the news that appeared in a certain English newspaper (names withheld to consolidate good rapport)four weeks ago that, over 150 employees were deported from “Middle East” that left the public with unclear picture, the referred employees  were deported from Middle East as continent (Arab gulf), but not Middle east consultants limited as a recruitment agency, for us we do our work legally, we cannot face such challenges.

Middle East consultants limited is a Ugandan recruitment agency registered with ministry of gender, lobour and social development located at Muyenga tank hill road nearItalian super market Kampalaunder the management of Mr. Gordon Mugyenyi, that has given thousands and thousands of Ugandans job opportunities to work abroad such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE among others.

For more information please contact;

Tel; +2564144501177/ +256700677396.

Email; info@meconsultants.co.ug


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