minister Christopher Kibazinga has warned the public against extravagance


The state minister for agriculture Christopher Kibazinga has warned the public against extravagance and encouraged them to manage the available food stocks at household levels sparingly due to a looming hunger crisis following a very long dry spell this year.

Addressing the press at the media centre in Kampala, minister Kibazanga noted with concern that some parts of the country are facing an emergency phase citing Isingiro, Karamoja, Katakwi, Amuria, Kumi Serere and Kaberamaido as some of the districts affected most.

He says families in the affected areas now survive on just one or a half a meal a day but warns the situation is likely to worsen as a result of very minimal rainfall.

Despite a forecast of some showers in the months of November and December, the minister has strongly urged families to desist from selling their food harvests despite the very attractive prices offered by traders from neighboring countries.

The minister also called on individuals to cut on their expenditure and prepare for the tough times ahead as the long dry spell might stretch in to 2017.

He also says government is currently responding to those facing severe shortages in areas of Isingiro, Teso and karamoja with food aid as it continues to monitor the situation.


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