Minister Namuganza ordered to apologize to Kyabazinga-Busoga kingdom



By Mukose Arnold Anthony

The Busoga kingdom through her premier Muvawala Joseph has vowed to bring state minister for land Persis Namuganza  to order over what she termed as reckless and indiscipline  statements over the their kingdom and His Highness Gabula Nadhiope Wilberforce IV.

Muvawala who says that an official statement will be released soonest at Bugembe kingdom offices, advised those with personal fights not to mix it with the kingdom affairs before adding that its normal for disagreements but as a kingdom, the Kyabazinga can’t look for his subject who abused him instead she should come out and apologize to the kingdom and Busoga in general.

“The Kingdom of Busoga supports those that express their displeasure because it’s a constitutional right. we are a culture institution but it doesn’t mean we don’t get annoyed so we are also annoyed and basoga too, we should make no mistake as Busoga” smiling Muvawala furiously warned.

“All those who are planning of uniting our daughters (Kadaga and Namuganza) is allowed but talking about uniting the Kyabazinga and his subjects will never be accepted if it was between kingdoms it would have been okay but apparently the kingdom is not willing to meet someone who abused the Kyabazinga, instead Namuganza should come out with an open apology to the kingdom” Busoga premier Muvawala emphasized.

“When Kadhabadha with indiscipline attacked Kyabazinga   he was banned by the kingdom over and his songs plus stage performance but when he apologized now his music is on the air waves in the country” Muvawala added.

Muvawala who was receiving a petition from Busoga youth high institutions students’ leader Tubite Singe Emmanuel of Joint Abasoga Nseete Central Uganda Students Association cautioned that whoever lives in Busoga should abide by the cultural beliefs regardless of h/her ancestral beliefs.

“Anybody who lives in Busoga regardless of h/her tribe is bound by acknowledging the existence of our king so its unacceptable for anyone to attack the King/dom, this is not a war or disagreement between minister and the kingdom but this is indiscipline. The kingdom will come up with an official statement on this matter soon” Muvawala cautioned.

On the term and legality of the current Kyabazinga Gabula Nadhiope IV, Muvawala said that unless the current Busoga king dies or retires that is when Basoga should think of another king (Kyabazinga).

“Busoga is a constitutional and a decentralized monarchy and we have 5 families: Bukono, Butabingwa, zibbondo, Gabula and Kigulu where Kyabazinga is elected and ours is as a result of election of at least 8 majority out of the 11 clans and therefore as a duly elected and as duly provided for by the constitution bbaabba Gabula Nadhiope IV afunvughe (long live) until when God calls him or retires and if one is elected, its not a guarantee that his son will inherit and we have never had a king being inherited by the son” Muvawala highlighted.

These misunderstandings began early this year between state minister for land Persis Namuganza and speaker of parliament Rebecca Kadaga over the Bukono chiefdom which has  escalated to involve in the kyabazinga and its should be noted that this is not the 1st time minister Namuganza is involved in such verbal  bitter exchange but she also had the same with the state minister for ICT Aidah Elios Nantaba

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