By Ronald Kabuye
As mob justice against those purported to be land grabbers is turning out to be a trend in the country, the minister without portfolio and mobilization AlhajjI Abdul Naduli has supported these acts arguing that it’s the only alternative people are left with to protect their property since the known procedure have turned out be fraudulent.
Nadduli made the remarks while unveiling government program with the Evangelical Catholic Orthodox church also known as Antioch church in Uganda which will host the council of bishops which has over 30 bishops across the global who will witness the consecration of the bishop elect for central and east Buganda Jacinto Kibuuka on the 12th of November this year.
Naduli is also opposed to the government compulsory take over private land without prompt compensation and dialogue.
“this kind of take over will see all our land taken since these people are hungry for our land in buganda.” said Naduli
He he also lashed at journalists for fueling the division between central government and Buganda especially on land.


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