Ministerial post battle: Minister Nantaba eyeing gender ministry


By Ronald Kabuye
By the way the state minister for information computer technology ICT Aidah Elios Nantaba is throwing bombs at the ministry of Gender, Labor and social development one can not be wrong to conclude that she is seeking attention from the appointing authority to make her a minister in charge of the same docket to enable her cleanse it and put things right.
Nantaba’s “ambitions” were revealed at the National ICT initiatives support programme NIISP were 12 local best ICT innovators were awarded 2.5 billion shillings to support their innovation programmes.
On the event, Nantaba scoffed at the gender ministry for failing in its primary duty of creating employment for the youth and putting to good use the youth livelihood funds that were meant to up  lift the well-being of the youths.

Nantaba lashed at the ministry for putting all efforts in  exporting the knowledgeable youth to the Arab world to do casual work with many ending up being tortured,  important body parts extracted from them and others helplessly dying from there due to poor monitoring system.
She wondered why a ministry that should protect the youths and create jobs for them licensed over 96 labor exporting firms without a clear monitoring system.
Nantaba’s concern came shortly after Minister of gender labor and social development hajjat Janat Mukwaya had launched a website where the youth can check for the licensed labor exporting firm and the available jobs abroad.

So far 96 companies are already registered with only two countries signing the bilateral agreements out of the many countries were Ugandans are exported.


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