Miss Uganda 2020 beauty contest held in Istanbul

A night club hosted the “Miss Uganda 2020” beauty contest in Istanbul’s Esenyurt district, violating the regulations in line with the COVID-19 pandemic in which all the entertainment venues are supposed to stay closed until further orders to check the spread of coronavirus outbreak.

Miss Uganda 2020 beauty contest held in Istanbul

Footage and images posted on social media show that the group held a concert and organized a party along with the beauty contest, violating the COVID-19 measures amid a nationwide surge of new infections that shows no signs of slowing down.

The photos revealed that none of the participants adhered to the COVID-19 measures, showing a careless attitude towards wearing masks and maintaining social distance.

The footage also showed that both the guests and contestants danced for a long time after the contest.

People present at the event were served alcoholic beverages in glass cups, which stands in violation of the rules implemented for entertainment venues during the pandemic.

The night club’s owner, identified only by the initials M.K., was sent to the courthouse after being detained.