Motorsport talent development: Solar now signs rally driver Matsiko.


By Mukose Arnold Anthony

Ahead of the Saturday 28th April SMC Tarvan Kick in Masaka motor rally, solar now a company that distributes solar power equipments has signed and  boosted Didas Matsiko motor sport camp with a sponsorship worth 85M shillings for the 2018/19 calendar year.

Speaking to the media in Kampala Thursday morning Dullo Douglas the sales manager Solar now said that this sporting activity is young and promising which needs to be nurtured by supporting young bloods like Matsiko.

“Rally car sport is a young and upcoming sport that not only entertains but also promotes local tourism” Mr. Dullos noted.

“Matsiko has been locally participating in local rallies and we’re pleased to announce that SolarNow will be sponsoring his efforts in the sport for even greater success” Mr. Dull added.

In appreciation of the sponsorship Mr. Matsiko has called upon the government not leave the sport activity to individuals alone but also should invest in it because it is one of the most excited and unity sport.

Mr. Matsiko said that rally drivers find a lot of hardships in a bid to maintain their participation in the game, yet it attracts a number of fans that can be tapped into by government to boost tourism.

“Though apparently rally cars are tax free but this isn’t enough because the spares parts are still expensive and there isn’t a proper a policy in place to subsidize motorsport related equipments to attract the young blood towards the sport,” Masiko added.

Matsiko also cited high fuel prices where a rally has to spend almost shs300 million per year on addition to other costs to maintain the drivers, navigators and team members.


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