October 29, 2020
October 29, 2020

MP Zaake could be having a veiled squabble with the state



Many Ugandan politicians and activists have been arrested on several occasions, some brutally others gently, released on bonds, charged in courts of law, remanded on released on bail, but like the Forum for Democratic Change strong man Rtd. Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye, Hon Francis Zaake Butebi MP Mityana Municipality is yet becoming another close enemy with the state.

Zaake was arrested in the same period with NBS TV’s Samson Kasumba, and according to Kasumba, police allegedly in a professional manner handled him on unclear charges today yet politician Zaake claims and seen unprofessionally arrested, detained, hospitalized and arraigned in court.

At first it was in Arua early last, when he was allegedly brutalized, arrested, hospitalized, charged before released on bail. One would expect the people power leader and Kyadondo East legislator Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu to face what Zaake is going through after all is clear that Kyagulanyi is hasn’t go through much compared to what the movement youth leader has gone through.

The torture being subjected to Hon. Zaake leaves many wondering whether there could be a hidden battle between him and the state because the state through securities agencies have violated Zaake’s fundamental rights and freedom enshrines in chapter four of the 1995 constitution of Article 20-24, 28, 29 and 42.

According to Section 11 of the Human Rights [Enforcement] Act 2019 that declares a nullity any trial that’s commenced after torturing the suspect, police have on several at all times charged Zaake even after degrading and inhuman treatment subject against him.

On Monday Morning April 27, 2020, Iran Uganda Hospital issued a patient’s referral letter directing police to transfer Zaake to a specialized eye clinic in Nsambya for ophthalmologist due to failure to open eyes despite a week of treatment, however, instead of police taking Zaake for treatment, allegedly went to Nsambya to refuel car tanks and drove him to Mityana Magistrate Court on criminal charges.

Before Zaake was driven to Mityana, he had applied to Nakawa Magistrates’ court for his unconditional immediate and mandatory released after his illegal detention beyond 48hours. But despite Nakawa magistrate Ruth Nabasa nullifying the detention of the legislator, police disobeyed court orders of mandatory release of Zaake and tried to charge him with criminal charges of disobeying lawful orders and attempt to spread a deadlikely disease save for Magistrate Erias Kakooza who professionally declined to charging a suspect in a vegetative state.

According to Paragraph 8 of Hon. Mwiru’s affidavit filed in Nakawa court which the Attorney general never objected confirmed merciless torture, pain, degrading and inhumane treatment subjected to Zaake. “A few minutes later, I could not believe the sight before me as two (2) police officers lifted the Applicant (Zaake) into the SIU Commandant’s office. The Applicant was visibily frail. His face was thoroughly bruised. His shirt was torn to threads. His joints were swollen. Bits of flesh hang off his chest as though someone had attempted to randomly pluck them out with a fork but stopped midday. He could not see. He could stand” MP Jinja East Mwiru stated.

Mwiru’s affidavits collaborates well with the state in which Zaake was seen yesterday at court where in pain was lying unable to open eyes with bruises all over his body.

Police didn’t only feel ashamed to parade a vegetative suspect, but also committed contempt of court by releasing Zaake on bond yet court had ordered for unconditional release, and also released him late at night.

Such injstsices being exhibited leave many Ugandans to think that may be there could be unseen war between Zaake and the state because many legislators and most of them from NRM have donated food but none of them have been subjected to beastly treatment compared to what Zaake has is facing.

Zaake is a victim of torture on 4 different occasions but he has never gotten justice for any. Now, Ugandans are waiting to see whether he will seek for legal redress against police and any officer(s) who have violated his rights.

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