By Ronald Kabuye
Kawempe south member of parliament Hon. Mubarak Munyagwa has revealed that he will vy for the opposition Forum for Democratic change FDC presidential seat come November this year.
Munyagwa revealed this at the party headquarters where he had gone to pick the nomination forms only to be referred to Thursday the 13th this week when they will be readily available.
Munyagwa said that he wants to bring genuine reforms to the party which will them  oust the sitting president Yoweri Kagutta museveni from Power.
Among the reforms he wants to bring once given a chance include amending the constitution especially the clause that talks about getting into power through peaceful transition.
He says they need to come up with other alternative ways of getting into power other than peaceful means including but not limited to changing the title of the party president to command in chief, to rename FDC headquarters to revolutionary house, district chairpersons to be called battalion commanders, to withdraw shadow cabinet from parliament adding that he is the only candidate that can bring about the required reforms.
“if you have an opponent like Museveni can you say you will work for change of leadership in only peaceful ways?¬† He gets happy because you make him conclude that your are weak and coward thus he continues being in comfort zone.” said Munyagwa
“having a shadow cabinet yet you claim you won the elections is like a pregnant woman claiming to be a virgin, it’s impossible.
Am the only candidate fit to lead this generation and for the trend” said Munyagwa.


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