By Kabuye Ronald

The inspector general of police Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura has described the late AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi who was assassinated together with his body guard Erawu Kenneth and Driver Mambewo Godfrey last Friday just 500 meters away from his home as representative of a full professional due to his flexibility.

Kayihura who gave Kaweesi’s profile in the force said that kaweesi was a full human being, very pleasant to work with, polite and knowledgeable before appealing to the junior officers to emulate the late’s character and devote to their work then asking where they benefit from.

Kayihura also warned the assailants that their days are numbered.

In the same way the chief of defense forces Gen. David Muhoozi said that Kaweesi’s death has been awake up call to unravel this new wave of crime given the fact that it has taught them a lot of lessons ranging from targets, manner of execution and the power of the example thus a need to invest more in technology, human resource and faster analysis of intelligence information.

The first deputy prime minister Moses Ali talked of Kaweesi’ murder as a clear manifestation that there is still bad elements in the country, which message didn’t differ from the one of state minister for internal affair Kania Obiga who said this kind of murder exposed weakness that must be eliminated before revealing that by the time of his death, his ministry was considering forming a continuum of public relation office of all security agencies and he was meant to head it.

In the same way the widow of the late Kaweesi Annet Kaweesi in the message read by her maternal aunt Marry Nabisubi has thanked God for giving her a great and loving husband who always spared time for his family despite his busy schedule thus appealing to the public to pray for her.

Hon. Kityamuweesi Musuubire Vicensio , the guardian and mentor to late kaweesi revealed that kaweesi has been operating on three principles that he taught him that’s knowing god, knowing his responsibility and knowing the common good

Meanwhile the archbishop of Kampala Diocese His Grace Cyprian Kizito Lwanga who condemned the new wave of murder in the country appealed to the public to always remember the motto of our country and our routes.

Lwanga also said that murdering people is not the solution but rather reconciliation hence calling upon the murderers to repent and love God and other people just like we love ourselves.

He further appealed to the crime preventers to live up to their expectations as their name.

This at the requiem mass celebrated under theme remember, rejoice and renewal in a filled to capacity Rubaga Cathedral presided over by Archibishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga and amidst tight security.

The body of the late has been airlifted to Kitwe kya enjovu in Kyazanga Lwengo district where it will be put to rest tomorrow Tuesday.

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