By Kabuye Ronald
23 year old Samuel Mugarura pursuing a Bachelors degere in Chemistry and Botany at the Chemistry Department of the College of Natural Science Makerere University who came to lime light after manufacturing less toxic teargas has finalized and improved his product to a usable stage. While unveiling the canister that will carry the teargas at Makerere university on Friday the 20th of January 2017, Mugarurura who from his early childhood dreamt of doing military service said that his product has been highly improved compared to the one being used by police and that available on the international market. He says his product that has been named MS 23 teargas has no chloroform, less toxic, has a non flammable carrier given the fact that the fatal chemicals are extracted from natural occurring resources like hot pepper, onion and mango which makes it friendlier to the environment. Unlike the first time when he received great criticism from security agencies and university management to the extent of disowning him, this time around Mugarura said that university is on board since he is currently working with a team of at least seven professors who include among others Prof. Anthony Mugisha a Bio Chemist, professor Raymond Nsereko who happens to be the product designer, professor Bbale John an Economist and a team of 20 students who include Florence Okouda, Baryon Tuyijuka and others and all these are researchers, chemists and engineers. In addition to using the university equipments like 3D printers

On the side of government he said that the ministry of science and technology Okayed his project and advised him to write and develop a proposal which exhibits a more professional product a thing is now complete and only awaiting submission.

He added that the same ministry helped him to send an application form to Zimbabwe to have his product patented so that it can also be recognized worldwide to which he hopes the certificate will be out by February this month.

Mugarura described this as a great milestone not only to him and team but also to the university and country since they hold innovation at heart Unlike the police teargas that take more time after removing the trigger to explode, MS 23 explodes after four seconds on removing the trigger hence eliminates chances of rioters to throw it back to police. Despite the MS 23 being cost effective costing 10 United States dollars a cost that is lower than the one by international companies, Mugarura said that his product cannot be manufactured for commercial purposes now since they have not yet got the clearance from the relevant authority in the country since it’s a security hardware adding that they also lack the capacity to produce the product in larger quantities and bring the product on market due to financial constraints to which he appealed to government to extend a helping hand.


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