By Kabuye Ronald

Makerere University is in yet another fresh wrangle with its sister institution makerere university Busines School over the introduction of a new fee that MUBS management has declined to consent with.

According to MUBS Publicist Peter Odoki Makerere University wants them to start charging an extra fee from their students that will cater for their affiliation to the leading university in the country which they don’t consent with since it will be yet another added burden to their students and parents.
Makerere University has also threatened that MUBs students’ risky missing graduation which is due in March if they fail to remit the money.

Now Peter Odoki has vowed not to adhere with Makerere’ request reasoning that beside the new intended fee being a burden to their students and parents, it is also illegal because it contravenes section 132 of the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act and has not been passed by the university council.
Peter Odoki adds that MUBs is already part of Makerere by the mere fact that it has not yet seceded hence no need to pay an extra fee to be an affiliate.


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