October 24, 2020
October 24, 2020

Mukesh Shukla Joins Nakawa West Parliamentary Race 2021


Mukesh Shukla has joined Nakawa West Parliamentary  race. He is the Chairman/CEO Shumuk Group of Companies, has officially nominated at the NRM electoral commission to contest for Nakawa West Parliamentary Race 2021
While speaking to PressUg Online News Publication www.pressug.com after his nomination, Mukesh Congratulate all citizens of Nakawa West and his self for the development that brought together. I offered my self for member of parliament and I have a concrete back ground in Nakawa over 30 years starting my first company in 1986.
“Am going to put good governance structures in Nakawa and to make Nakawa a modern town for the good of Uganda to copy” Mukesh Said. 
Mukesh thank president Museveni who is the chairman of the party, Chairman NRM electoral commission Dr. Tanga Odoi for organization such a wonderful CEC elections without disorganized even though Uganda suffering with Covid-19 pandemic, meaning NRM structures are getting stronger every day.
“NRM is best party in Africa continent as concerned and am sure that this structures can be strengthen by my contribution and this model of democracy in NRM is for peace and stability of Uganda in general and Nakawa West in particular for my standing as member of parliament” Mukesh Said. Meanwhile am calling for support in terms of votes to represent my people. “My dream is to introduce oxgyen bank in Nakawa to keep Nakawa people healthy wise.
Mukesh as he is promising  more development in Nakawa, he at one time led a delegation of business moguls to meet the  President Museveni at State House  in  Entebbe on business related matters as one of his strategic plan to develop Nakawa.
Mukesh Shukla, a Ugandan by nationality, commonly referred to as Shumuk, is a businessman, entrepreneur and politician in Uganda. He was reported in 2012 to be one of the wealthiest individuals in Uganda.
He was born in 1962 in Arua, Arua District, West Nile sub-region in Uganda’s Northern Region, approximately 480 kilometres (298 mi), by road, northwest of Kampala, the country’s capital city.
His father was a revenue officer with the Uganda Revenue Authority from 1959 until 1986. The family has been in the business of aluminum saucepans since 1939. Businesses and investments
Shukla’s businesses are organized under the Shumuk Group.
The individual companies include the following;
A company that manufactures aluminum cooking utensils
Multiple warehouses in Kampala and other Ugandan towns
A milk-processing plant
Commercial buildings in Kampala and other urban areas of Uganda
A company that imports and sells pre-owned automobiles
A money-lending business
A foreign exchange bureau
Several hotels in Kampala and other Ugandan locations
In 2012, the New Vision newspaper estimated his net worth at approximately US$100 million.
In the 2016 political season, Shukla contested for the chairmanship of the ruling National Resistance Movement’s entrepreneurs league against the current incumbent, Hassan Basajjabalaba.
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