Muntu’ New formation is shapeless, says FDC president Amuriat



By Ronald Kabuye
Forum for Democratic Change FDC Party president Engineer Patrick Amuriat Oboi has defined his predecessor’s New formation has shapeless with no policies and direction.
According to Amuriat without diverging into details said, FDC decided to ignore new formation since they know what they are made thus prophecizing that it might end up like Betty Kamya’s Uganda Federal Alliance UFA who is now the Kampala minister in the NRM government.
He said until new formation gains shape and comes out with policies than FDC will determine whether to work with them or not.
Amuriat trashed the rumours that some FDC members of parliament defected to New formation especially those that observered it’s launch.
He challenged those spreading rumors to cite out names of the legislators that have left the party.
Amuriat also punched holes in the 63 FDC leaders who crossed to New formation saying that some were given non existent position in the party.
He further revealed that FDC has and will never stop going about it’s business of mobilizing, recruiting, training, directing, identifying leaders and taking action because of departure of individuals since its through organisation and mobilization they can sub due the ruling government.
This while appearing on NBS TV ‘s morning breeze show.

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