By Kabuye Ronald

Nsamba Swaibu allias Gwogyolonga who illustrated how he will announce president museveni’ death and photo shopped him projecting how he will appear in his casket has been granted bail by Buganda Road court grade one magistrate Kamasanyu Gladys.

Nsamba a resident of Wobulenzi in luweero district and Kati kamu south constituency Forum for Democratic Change FDC chairperson has been bonded at 50 million shillings and each of his two sureties who included his mother Nazziwa Hasifah and his brother Sseninde Juma Lubega in addition to depositing their original national identity cards.

The trial magistrate based on Swaibu’ poor health state since he is suffering from diabetes after proving that he has been on medication since 2013 and the sentential sureties presented by his lawyer John Mike Musis thus granting him bail.

In the same manner the magistrate instructed the state attorney to avail copies of the materials and exhibits she intends to rely on in the case to defense side. This followed the magistrate learning that the state was ready to proceed with the matter and had two witnesses in court yet it had not provided any document to the defense side.

Swaibu was arrested on the 15th day of December last year and charged with offensive communication on the 20th the same month at Buganda road magistrate court hence his remand to luzira prison.

The matter has been adjourned to the 11th of this month when court will commence with the hearing.


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