October 22, 2020
October 22, 2020

Museveni’s Walk: It’s The Evidence Of Diversity, The Cost Of Violent Struggle In Luwero


jobless brotherhood' Robert mayanja
According to the Jobless brotherhood Coordinator Robert Mayanja says that, president Museveni’s “Luwero walk” is not a sign of  fundamental change he brought or country development but it’s the evidence of diversity and cost of violence struggle that caused death in Luwero triangle while coming in power.

Mayanja explained that, the walk is costing the country multi-million which the old man is using remin himself the murder acts he committed in Luwero.

At first i thought it was his usual comedy However my conscious  was take a back by his Son Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba’ tweet  comparing Museveni’s walk and that of Mahatma Mandhi, he says the walk of (Mahatma Mandhi) marked the end if British colonialism in India and paused a question, What does Mzee’s (Museveni) walk to Luwero means?
Definitely the response where exciting, Mzee’s walk (Museveni) makes the end of tyranny  of the NRM and Musevenism’ it marks the end of all operations.
“Mzee to me, I think being in advanced age wanted to have peace towards the time if his death, he wanted to go pray and please the spirit of all those people that lost their lives in order to become president so that in his Vulnerable time they should (late) handle him Volunarably” Said Mayanja
“We  can’t talk about the fundamental the changes he brought to the people of Luwero because there’s nothing to show apart from the diversity of the violent struggle  carried out in Luwero” He added
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