Musis to police: Stop interfering with traffic lights


By Johanna Mpindi
The Executive director for Kampala Capital City Authority Jennifer Musisi has cautioned police against interfering with traffic lights movement except where the lights are non functional.

This while giving her speech during a mid term review workshop held at Africana under the theme transforming city Infrastructure and service delivery for the second Kampala Institutional and infrastructure Development (Kidip)

She appealed to police to let the traffic lights operate without interruption as its the case in developed countries.

She added that these lights have inbuilt system management controllers and inbuilt cameras that are capable of monitoring the size of jam on the roads to either increase or decrease the seconds they follow to manage jam on roads.

In the same workshop Musisi confirmed the decline in revenue collected, which she attributed to government failure to implement some policies due to some unknown or known reasons.

She revealed that the authority has currently registered a big set back in terms of tax collection fees, mostly due to halting of taxis (malaayo) revenue collection for the last 5months thus government loosing close to 10Bn shillings which would have been used for service delivery inclusive of renovating the taxi park.

However Musisi believes that the current talks with government to review the taxis will yield fruit since they interest government how it has grossly affected service delivery.


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