We must pray for our country before Xmas- Bp Ntagali


By Johanna Mpindi
The archbishop church of Uganda the most. Rev. Stanley Ntagali has urged Ugandans to dedicate the week of 18th -24 this month as a week of fervent prayer and fasting for the nation.

This while giving his Christmas message, he said Uganda as it is now needs a prince of peace to be our wonderful counselor and everlasting father this time when the country is going through political upheavals, anarchy and often incidents of mysterious killings, deaths and perverse behavioral living.

He thus appeals to all churches and  believers in Christ throughout Uganda to bear the burden upon themselves to stand in the gap on behalf of the nation and the people to be humble in prayer and fasting for the godlessness, lawlessness and perverse disregard of life and dignity.

He has also urged political leaders and government to know that leadership is from God and therefore should take interest of all Ugandans very serious.

The message follows the current state of political society that is often caused by lack of patriotic spirit selfish ambitions and politically charged mindsets that invite communities into anarchy, undiplomatic approaches to resolving differences.

On this matter, he has called upon all politicians to respect each others political convictions for the welfare of the citizens, citing an example of the politicians whose views are ignored because they belong to other political camps.

He says the age limit debate should not be an issue to shade blood.


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