1am not writing this piece because I have any problem with any of the energy drink companies. I am also not writing because I hate energy drinks. I am writing to prevent death and alert the public of its health effects.

Unfortunately the situation is getting worse as people take energy drinks like water and some people have made it a habit as they see it to be fashionable to take energy drinks. It’s very sad to see energy drink being served at functions together with other soft drinks. Some parents buy for their kids not knowing the effect it can pose.

Advertisement and easy access of such drinks contributes to it’s abuse. It is very common to see energy drinks being sold in traffic. Drivers and passengers all buy and drink. Some athletes also make use of it to gain more energy.

1. CARDIAC ARREST: though there is a formula to determine how many to take at one time, it best apply to those with heart conditions because energy drinks can cause forceful heart contractions.

2. HEADACHES and MIGRAINES: people who get used to taking energy drinks mostly get headaches and migraines as a result of withdrawal symptoms.

3. INSOMNIA: Energy drink do so good job of keeping people awake but when abused, they can cause some people to miss sleep altogether. This lack of sleep causes impaired functioning and can be dangerous to drive or perform other concentration heavy tasks.

4. TYPE 2 DIABETES: Because many energy drinks are also very high in sugar, they can eventually wear out the insulin producing cells of the pancreas, which leads to type 2 diabetes

6. VOMITING: Too many energy drinks can lead to vomiting. This causes dehydration and acid erosion of teeth and osophagus is frequent.

7. HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE: Caffeinated products likes energy drinks can elevate a person’s blood pressure. This isn’t an issue for those with normal BP but those who already have issues risk getting stroke or hypertension if taken frequently.

8. MISCARRIAGE: Energy drinks don’t do well with pregnant women. With only 100 mg consummed per day, the pregnant woman risks miscarriage.

9. REDUCES ENDURANCE: almost all energy drinks have ginseng in it which lowers blood sugar level which rather decreases exercise endurance.

10. ACCIDENT: It is not advisable to mix alcohol with energy drinks. When this done it takes away the feeling of intoxication making the person feel ok and in control and take in more of the alcohol. Due to the deceptive feeling, people drive and at some point loose control.


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