October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

Mutasa Kafeero Charles Joins Presidential Race 2021


The Redtop brigade Uganda president Mutasa Kafeero joins presidential race 2021 after requesting president Museveni to not run for another presidential term since he born on 26th day of January 1986 the day that Mr. Museveni took power as president of the republic of Uganda. However Mutasa feels that he is perfectly able to replace him at the helm of the great ship that Uganda is.
Mutasa while speaking to this website www.pressug.com after launching his presidential fundraising campaign says that am offering myself to the people of Uganda as available alternative to your presidency after watching Uganda disintegrate politically, socially and economically courtesy to your programs and policies.
Mutasa list the crucial points that why he requesting president Museveni to step aside and he took over the power as follows;
(a) “Unprecedented levels of corruption in the government that headed by Mr. Museveni which have created institutions strategically to enhance Museveni’s grip on the country’s power and resource, Rigging of elections, Intentional poverty and un-employment, illegal arrests and detention,and extra judicial killings” Said Mutasa
However it’s my suggestion that you be offered immunity from criminal prosecution so that on leaving the presidency, you retire to a life of respectability and comfort.
“Ugandan’s are too keen on a new beginning to be interested in plucking the crust off what we consider old wounds. Common decency and African tradition demand so, and we undertake to live by precise that” Said Mutasa
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