My Family Supported Dr. Milton Obote in 1962 - Gen. Tumukunde

By; Andrew Visper. Presidential candidate General Henry Tumukunde asked the people of Lango sub-region to vote him in appreciation of his father who Supported Dr. Milton Obote in the 1962 general election.

My Family Supported Dr. Milton Obote in 1962 - Gen. Tumukunde
Tumukunde argues that his father supporting Dr. Obote is a debt to the people of Lango and should repay it by voting him in the 2021election.
It should be remembered that today is day two of Gen.Tumukinde's camapaigns in this region and he will be in Apach, Kwania and Amolator as per his campaign schedule.
Meanwhile, Farmers of Awira parish, Akokoro sub-county in Apach district have vowed not to support any presidential candidate except the one who will return Maruzi ranch back to them.
The 60 square miles Ranch currently which is occupied by unknown Farmers. Although government had promised to return 10 square miles to the local farmers, this has never happened.
The farmers made this complaint to Gen. Henry Tumukunde who was in Lango sub region.
Tumukunde in response asked them to support his candidature and vote him, also promised to  return the ranch to them and also help the farmers in restocking .