By Kabuye Ronald

The opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC party President Maj. Gen. Gregory Mugisha Muntu has revealed that his difference with president museveni is not over stay in power but emanates in him abandoning their major objectives that took them to the bush.

In an exclusive interview with this website Muntu said that Museveni abandoned their objectives of ensuring equality for all, rule of law, justice for all, inconclusive development and democracy but decided to focus on how to stay in power.

Muntu said that the country’ major problem is the culture of leadership which keeps people in power at the cost of the citizens before adding that the good news is that FDC has broken and changed this culture completely.  

Muntu dismissed claims by some of the founder members of the party of sidelining them in the running of the party and its activities.

Muntu said that there is no way they can engage people who don’t approach them.

“This must be two ways I don’t think that such member can approach any NEC member and they deny them a listening hear and see how to formalize the idea if it’s good. I think as the party tries to engage them they should also look for the party.”  

Muntu also dismissed rumors doing rounds that the party is considering amending the constitution to allow former leaders contest again in similar positions they held for two terms.

“I have not heard of that anywhere but if somebody has that proposal it should be tabled and be discussed conclusively why should one hide such an issue under the carpet” Muntu questioned

He also revealed that a proposal was adopted during the national delegate’s conference to establish a committee for the eminent former leaders and founder members which will act as the advisory body of the party however it had a contentious issue of subjecting such members to an election which NEC considered irrelevant thus it’s revise and instead consented on nomination. Muntu said the proposal is now awaiting the national council and delegate’s conference to approval to come into force.  

In the same way Muntu revealed that he intends to contest in the 2nd November party presidential race in search for a new mandate that will see him consolidate what the party has so far achieved like stable internal democracy and grass root structures.

“in the past four years have been working under turbulence and have achieved this much, the party is stable and has a common agenda, what is only remaining is to consolidate what has been achieved so far and also lure as many supporters into the party in both quantity and quality these we will be equipped with skills to enable a change of government and country not only the face like it is with Mr. Museveni.” Said Muntu

Meanwhile Muntu cited the harsh political environment by the ruling National Resistance Movement NRM that suffocate the work of the political parties and reliable intellectual people with integrity and who are trustworthy who shy away from politics as some of his major challenges.


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