August 7, 2020
August 7, 2020

Nakaseke Land conflicts: Panga welding Ganga invades villages, cut down crops, cattle, birds and burns homes.


Photos of some the cut down maize in Nakaseke District

by Mukose Arnold Anthony

A group over 70 panga welding people iWakyato, Kakira and surrounding villages in Mijumwa parish, Wakyato S/county Nakaseke District, allegedly in the wee hours have several times invaded, cut down gardens of maize and banana plantations, cattle (goats, cows and sheet), ducks killed and several houses burnt to ashes.

Residents says that ever since central government returned back the said land to Buganda Kingdom-Mengo, the said group has made several attacks and many have been left severely injured and forced to abandon their homes.

Residents accuse Nakaseke RDC Mr. Nayebare Kyamuzitiga Fred and the DPC Kittaka Sulaiti for being behind the Ganga because whoever tries to report the attacks to police (Bukalangu) is arrested detained and transferred to Kiwoko.

Abdul Hakim, Bayikyansi Jamil, Mulangira Musanje and Wamala Abed blamed all area residents say, what is being administered to them is being ignited by RDC Kyamuzigita. They have appealed to President Yoweri Kaguta, to relocate the RDC, and failure to do so, they are ready to die but not ready to be persecuted on their alleged land.

 The land under conflict is allegedly owned by the residents with documents from Buagnda Kingdom at the same time, the former ministry of public service principal accountant Christopher Obey and David Oloka who jointly established a big firm.

By the time this website visited the said land which covers over 4 miles estimated with over 1970 acres,  found slashed maize gardens, banana plantations, killed chickens and burnt houses.

some of the burn’t houses in Nakaseke district

Musaale Ssengooba Stephen, the Kingdom Gombolola Chief and Mulondo Geoffrey, the Kakira village chairperson, one of the villages under attacks confirmed the attacks and said that all started after government returned back the kingdom land to Mengo, is when the residents realized that Obey and Oloka had extended their firms beyond what the duo owned.

Residents further accuse RDC for conniving with Obey and Oloka through their manager, a one Andrew Akandwanaho whom they say received over 15M from the “tormentors”.

Our efforts to speak to RDC Nayebare Kyamuzitiga Fred and DPC Kittaka Sulaiman were futile as DPC couldn’t pick our call and was not at Nakaseke police Headquarters in Kiwoko, whereas, RDC’s phone couldn’t go through.

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