Nakaseke residents receive agricultural donation from house of zakat and Waqt.


By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Residents of Katooke village Wakyato subcounty in Nakaseke district have Friday evening received a Shs 16M agricultural donation to boost the activity in the area.

Among the donated items included hand hoes, army worm pestcides, garden spray pumps, and domestic animals (cattle, goats and Sheep).

While delivering the donation, Sheikh Mahmood Kibaate the 1st deputy supreme mufti urged the beneficiaries not eat the donated animals but instead use it to fight poverty.

Its on the same occassion that Sheikh Mahmood called upon parents to education their children and warned them that failure to do so, all their (parents’) sweet will perish immediatly Allah calls them.

Mr. Koomu Kiwanuka Ignatius the Nakaseke district political boss has thanked donors for being pro-development and for having given out to different people without looking at their religions and applead to the beneficiaries to positively use the donation.

The director house of Zakat Dr. Annnasi Kaliisa expressed displeasure over the last financial donation to other groups who just chewed the donation instead of investing which has prompted the organisation he heads to shift to tangibles and appealed to the beneficiaries not to behave like their colleagues.


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