Nakaseke residents regret voting selfish leaders as they applaud Nakawooya


By Ronald Kabuye
Residents in kalege shopping center Nakaseke district are regretting voting leaders who prioritize selfish interest as opposed to their needs.
The remarks were made while appreciating Esther Nakawooya who aims at unseating Nakaseke woman legislator Sarah Najuma for honoring their invitation to participate in promoting sanitation and fighting water Borne diseases in Nakaseke district.
Nakawooya encouraged Ugandans to keep good sanitation and sleep under mosquito nets to prevent diseases like malaria,typhoid since prevention is better than cure.
She added that such diseases are so dangerous and money consuming especially in the current biting poverty in the country.
She also encouraged youths in the country to acquire vocational skills to enable them start own businesses, develop thus fighting the rampant unemployment.
Kalege chairperson Ashiraf Matumbwe decried over water shortages in the area and forwarded his plan to rehabilitate one of the dilapidated bore holes which needs one million, Nakawooya contributed 500,000 to the cause and enable the community have clean water.


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