Nakaseke woman mp condemned for betraying electorates


Nakaseke woman member of parliament Hon Sarah Najuma. courtesy photo

By Ronald Kabuye
Aspiring Nakaseke women member of parliament  Esther Nakawooya openly condemned the sitting legislator hon. Sarah Najjuma in her presence for betraying her electorates when she voted in support of removal of the presidential age limit last year.

This was during the ssabagabo cup finals in Buleemezi county, where Esther Nakawooya was appreciated by Buganda kingdom as the main sponsor of the Ssabagabo soccer tournament.
Esther Nakawooya questioned Hon. Najuma as to why she communicated a different position that was contrary to the views of Nakaseke residents who during consultation were against the removal of the presidential age limit.

Aspiring Nakaseke woman MP Esther Nakawooya addressing the gathering at the Ssabagabo cup finals at Nakaseke play ground. courtesy poto

However Hon. Najuma declined to respond to Nakawooya’s concerns but rather argued that she also supports soccer tournament though she didn’t support this one in particular one.
Nakawooya injected 5 millions in the Ssabagabo soccer tournament as the main sponsor, in addition to continuous support to the Ngeye clan that was defeated by Lugave clan by 3 goal to nil in the finals at Nakaseke play ground.

Nakawooya also used the platform to remind youths about kabaka’s message of rising up and fighting for their country through various avenues be it political,social or economical.
In the same way the mayor of Ngoma sub county Mr.Waswa Tadeo Zilitwawula thanked the organizers for uniting the youths irrespective of their political affiliation.


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