National CSO transparence- Global standard accountability launched amidst credibility and state intimidation



By Mukose Arnold Anthony

Civil Society Organization under their umbrella organization Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA) have on Thursday  Morning launched the Global Standard for Civil Society Accountability and also presented the proposed Quality Assurance Mechanism (QUAM) reforms and roadmap.

The launched came in times of alleged government interference and intimidation of Civil Society Organizations, lost credibility and transparency.

During the launch, former ethics and integrity minister Hon. Miria Matembe lashed at the current performance of these Organizations which only operate where there is money instead of the earlier times of voluntary work.DSC_0661.JPG

Matembe said that it’s high time they all went back to their ultimate principle of transparency, credibility and tasking and reminding the government of its roles. She called upon all CSO to always stand bold and withstand the state intimidation.“The current CSOs have lost credibility, accountability, transparency roles instead work where there is money unlike how it used to be when it was on voluntary basis” Hon Matembe lashed.

“Stop fearing the state threats, leave your office tables and go to the field for tangible achievements. I used to asked myself why most Organizations don’t want to put me on their board not until one revealed to me that am open and I don’t entertain corruption, but why are most CSO of nowadays tending to be money minded” asked Matembe.

While giving his remarks, Dr. Livingstone Ssewanyana E.D Foundation for Human Rights Initiative and UN independent Expert said that these intimidations especially allegations of CSOs being funded by donors to over throw the government are mere talks.

“These are mere talks aimed at diverting us from our core roles of monitoring the government, though its high time as CSOs, we embraced dynamic accountability for credible civil society  especially in the shrinking civic space” Dr. Ssewanyana echoed.DSC_1486.JPG

DENIVA E.D Ms. Catherine Kanabahita said that the launched global standard for CSOs accountability is going to help them discuss on how to operate in the current state of shrinking civic space of Acts like Public Management Act.

“Our being here today is going to help us discuss on how to operate in times of tough laws like Public Order Management Act which has caused friction between us and the government because whenever we convene with the local communities, the government sees us as enemies of state and agents of the west imperialism!Over 200 representatives from over 1500 CSO country wide.

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