National Drug Authority Ensures Ugandan's Safety on Imported And Local Drugs.

By Andrew Visper Summary: Access to reliable, effective, quality and affordable essential medicine's, medical product's and vaccine is a vital elements of the universal health coverage adopted in agenda 2030 for sustainable development following the united general assembly in 2015. "These must be safe, effective and of good quality. Meanwhile it estimated that 1 out of 10 medical product's in middle income countries either substandard or falsified which pose a considerable threat to human health and well being worldwide as they may cause harm to patients or fail to treat the disease for which they were intended to and ended into loss of confidence in medicine's both healthcare providers and healthcare system"

National Drug Authority Ensures Ugandan's Safety on Imported And Local Drugs.
Dr. James Tamale head of regions national Drug Authority who represented Dr. David Nahamya the secretary to the authority while speaking to the media at Uganda Journalist Association (UJA) headquarters Kawempe said that even though the authority needs to strengthen the regulatory framework by introducing legislation to broaden the scope of regulation and impose tougher criminal penalties to ensure the safety, effective and quality products and related substance, the authority here to ensure Ugandan's safety, efficacy and quality drugs imported and local drugs.
"National drug authority is responsible for assuring the safety, efficacy and quality of drugs in Uganda. However we appeal to the parliament to prioritize and expedite the enactment of the national food and drug authority bill that will enable NDA to transform and improve the regulation of food, cosmetics and medical product's". Said Dr. James.
Dr. James explains that NDA did align it's internal resources and strategies to effectively address the Uganda's population right to good healthy in line with it's vision "a Uganda with safe, effective and quality medicine's and healthcare product's.
Following it's duties and responsibilities, NDA has managed to test 2100 samples of medicine, medical device and other healthcare product's and the numbers raised from 1893 compared to 2018-2019, a total of 8696 import consignments of medicine, medical device, healthcare product's and personal protective equipment (PPE's) imported through the designated ports of entry including Nakawa inland port, entebbe airport, Busia and malaba for conformance. The consignments inspected band released upon meeting regulatory requirements were at 95.3 percent.
"Distance restrictions are less in rural areas which also attract lower license fees of which 57 percentof licensed outlet are located in deep area's and the introduction of 11 percent verification fees on 37 selected locally manufactured local product's premises on existing buy Uganda build Uganda policy, the local pharmaceutical facilities increased  from 10 to 30 in year 2020. Whereas another 10 facilities are at various stages of construction which vwill increase the number of facilities to 40". Said Dr James.
Not only that the authority Dr. James remainds the general public about the local herbal product's that increased from 6 to 152 just with five years due to the strengthen herbal unit. Still in Covid-19 pandemic NDA ensures the medical product's such as personal protective equipment plus hand sanitizer to meet the required standard especially in mitigating the effect Covid-19 pandemic.
"The authority offered technical support bto 48 manufacturers of hand sanitizers together with Uganda national bureau of standards, 29 manufacturers of fabric mask were inspected by the authority and guided as well" Said Dr. James. Meanwhile NDA commenced the construction of the state of the art quality control laboratory tower to improve the capacity to conduct more test of medicine's, vaccines, medical devices, cosmetics, food and other chemicals". Said Dr. James