National Medical Stores has slammed the Auditor General’s report


The National Medical Stores (NMS) has slammed the recent Auditor General’s report and urged members of the public to treat it with the contempt it deserves.

The AG’s draft report released claims against NMS, which is mandated to procure, store and distribute essential medicines and medical supplies to all public health facilities in the country that it has been supplying medicines to Uganda Cancer Institute at inflated prices.

It states for instance that the Cancer institute procured Erlotinib 150mg tabs at a unit Price of Shs.12,296,772 whereas the Market Price was 1,295,915; and also Xeloda (Capecitatine) 500mg at sh. Shs. 1,728,000 when the Market Price was Shs. 77,755.

Speaking this morning to reporters in Kampala, the NMS General Manager Moses Kamabare said the report is simply a concoction by some unpatriotic people.

He clarified that all procurements of medicines at NMS are undertaken in strict compliance with the PPDA Act and Regulations.



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