National Planning Authority Rules Out Third Covid Wave As Cases Continue To Go Down

By Pressug News Publication

National Planning Authority Rules Out Third Covid Wave As Cases Continue To Go Down

SUMMARY: The National Planning Authority (NPA) has said there will not be a third Coronavirus wave according to its weekly projections of the deadly covid-19.

Using a model developed together with the Pennsylvania State University to make predictions of Covid-19 infection cases for every week and according to them has proved to be 97% accurate, NPA said there is no imminent threat for another Covid wave as earlier had been predicted.

“Important to note from the projections is that, currently, there is no imminent threat of a third COVID-19 wave in Uganda. The decreased rate of the slowdown of the new cases may indicate that people are now starting to live with the COVID pandemic and probably the enforcement of SOPs is also becoming weaker due to the former or weariness of the security forces,” NPA said in a statement on Monday.

According to the body charged with coordinating development planning in the entire country, and advising the executive branch on the best policies and strategies for the development of the country, the number of new Covid infections registered daily has continued to go down and this consequently means the third predicted wave is not about to come.

“The model projections indicate a continuing decline in daily new cases, with an expectation of an average of 454 new cases per day for the week ending July, 24, 2021. Our observation is that the total lockdown has been successful in reducing the spread of COVID-19.”

The latest results released by the Ministry of Health indicated that on June,17, Uganda registered 265 new Covid cases whereas 39 people died of the virus.

The data shows that 1127 new Covid patients recovered whereas the positivity rate is currently at 7.3% which means 7.3 people out of the 100 test positive for the virus.

The information also indicates that Uganda currently has 90656 cumulative Covid cases whereas 68241 of these have fully recovered.

Police on Monday said they are going to intensify operations aimed at ensuring the adherence to Standard Operating Procedures and guidelines as the Covid-induced 42-day lockdown seems to be coming to an end.

“Many people tend to relax and disregard the SOPs as the lockdown comes to an end but we shall continue to carry out our operations,” police spokesperson, Fred Enanga said on Monday.

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