NCDC partners with cooperative alliance to actualize cooperative education in schools


By Ronald Kabuye

National CurriculumĀ Development Centre NCDC has today signed a memorandum of understanding with Uganda Cooperative Alliance to help them design teaching modal for cooperative studies in primary and secondary schools.

Speaking after signing the MOU, the NCDC director Mrs. Grace Baguma said once they have the teaching modal in place it will help them actualize cooperative education in both primary and secondary schools since its already on the curriculum.

She added that if indeed Ugandans and government want to achieve the middle-income status by 2020 they have to embrace cooperatives training.

The General Secretary of Uganda Cooperative Alliance Mr. Ivan Asimwe said cooperative training aim at causing social economic transformation since it teaches the disciplines and skills of saving, production, value addition, leadership, job creation among other business-related skills.

Asimwe said once cooperative teaching start in schools by the time students complete their studies they will turn out as job creators not job seekers thus helping government and Ugandans at large to solve the unemployment problem in the country

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