NDA tells drug shop operators to relocate rural areas


By Kakomo Jumah

The Uganda National Drug Authority has issued guidelines to all Drug shops around the country to relocate from urban centers to rural areas to enable rural people access Drugs with ease. Speaking during to media at Uganda Media Center in Kampala Donna Kusemererwa the Secretary to the Authority says, Uganda’s National Drug Policy and Authority Act 1993 allows a pharmacy to commence and provide Health services to Urban people where as a drug shop must concentrate in rural areas only. Kusemererwa says that the Authority to start inspection of all the drug shops within Kampala city center to to force them relocate and enable Pharmacies actively provide health services to urban people. According to the National Drug Policy and Authority Act 1993 allows any individual to commence a drug shop 1.5km away from the established pharmacy in a given urban center and must sell only drug of Class C, that does not need prescription, rather than a Pharmacy, which the Authority want to fulfill. He adds that the Authority has registered only 8500 drug shops across the country in the year 2017 that have fulfilled the required incentives and are licensed and to provide health Services only to rural people


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