By Mukose Arnold Anthony
Government of Ugandans has revealed that the completion of the new magnificent historical and  state of art  Jinja Nile bridge will be complete by October this years.
The project cost is estimated to $150M with beautiful features for tourists’ attraction including restaurants, pedestrian’s ways, automatic way bridges, photo shoot points, double lane route among others.

On addition to October completion and official opening, the bridge is expected to be joined tomorrow Friday in a colorful ceremony.

This revelation has been made by the minister of works Gen Edward Katumba Wamala at the signing ceremony of a secured loan worth $44.306M from the government of Japan to complete the project which is at 75% Thursday morning at the ministry of finance, planning and economic development.

The excited minister said that such kind of bridge will for years be a tourist attraction infrastructure in the region over its state of art.

“Apart from easing transport,  it also has to 4 lanes 2 on each side and because of its uniqueness, it is going to be a tourist attraction feature and can has already been exhibited that people have started taking pictures and wondering how beautiful the bridge is” Excited Gen Katumba assured.

Katumba also said that the old bridge has served beyond its purpose and we should be thankful to those who constructed it and it might be reserved for only light transport.

“The new Jinja Nile Bridge has been constructed with over 100 long lasting period and we’re also discussing  on how to retire the best old bridge but we might reserve it for light transport like motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians and small cars Gen Katumba updates .


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