By Ronald Kabuye
Opposition Forum for Democratic Change FDC has outrightly opposed the proposed amendment in the land act to allow forceful acquisition of land and compensate land or property owner latter, especially for large infrastructure projects.
Addressing a news conference at the party headquarters in najjankumbi the party deputy publicist Paul Mwiru revealed that it has come to their attention that the proposals in the act of 1998 have been cleared by cabinet but as FDC they are opposed to them and they intend to carry out an awareness campaign on the same for the public to understand the dangers of the amendments once approved by parliament.
FDC urgued government to drop the proposed bill,  rearranges it’s priorities to do away with wasteful expenditures in the national budget especially in the areas like presidential donations, classified expenditures and cost of public administration in order to save money for compensation which is more often counterpart funding on projects.
Mwiru further warned that land might be the next cause of revolution in the country if not handled with care especially with this current bill that contravenes article 92 of the constitution which stops parliament to pass an amendments that alters the court decision, government habit of non payment to its creditors adding that even forceful seizure amounts to indirect borrowing which led to bureaucratic tendencies since it requires parliament approval which takes time.
” The next revolution in Uganda is going to be caused by land, because it affects all whether NRM or Opposition, the amendments don’t address the mischief and it’s only that government is corrupt and doesn’t have money to operate on.
Yes we want government to develop infrastructure but it must compensate the public” said Mwiru
Meanwhile Mwiru has confirmed that party National Council that sat for two days approved a budget of 15 billion for 2017-2018 financial year despite the deficit in the last financial year and endorsed an amendment to the party constitution to give power to their party president to appoint elders committe as opposed to subjecting them an elections


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