NMS to collect Heptatis b vaccines from 39 districts for Kla health camp.


By Ronald Kabuye
Ministry of health has instructed the national medical stores NMS to collect the Heptatis b vaccination drugs which are expiring in the period of six months from 39 districts in the eastern and northern of uganda that had a high prevalence so that it is used for health camps in Kampala and the surrounding districts.
This revelation has been revealed by Dr. Jackson Omona the commissioner curative service in the health ministry
Who said that the low consumption of the Heptatis b drugs is caused by reluctance by the population to get mostly the third and second dose which has lured the ministry to collect the drugs for the health camp in Kampala where the demand is high instead of letting it go to waste.
He also warned that partial uptake of the dose makes it ineffective.
Dr. Omona added that the new drugs have been taken to Busoga region where the ministry is putting much emphasis after which they will head to Mbale and western region.
meanwhile the ministry has clarified that the claimed Heptatis b fake drugs were not fake since they had the same strength with the one they gave in public facilities however the problem arose in labelling and failure to maintain the cool chain which brought down the strength.
Apparently the power of accrediting private health centres to administer Heptatis B is with the district health officers and the budget for the same has remained at 10 billions.
This was revealed in the media break fast meeting held under the theme: Embracing Prevention: The role of immunization in ensuring a healthy population.
In the same meeting Dr. Opar Bernard Toliva the program manager National disease control program appealed to parents and the public to embrace the immunization of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)  vaccine for girls below the age of 10 years in order to protect them from cancer of cervix.
He also revealed that starting June this year they are going to implement routine immunization with rota virus to children aged 5 years and 6 months in order to protect them from dehydrating diarrhoea. Rotavirus infection is ranked among the first 10 killer diseases in children under 5 years in Uganda.
It’s estimated that 10,637 children under five years die each year due to Rotavirus diarrhoea. It accounts for almost 40% of diarrhoea cases in Uganda.


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