Nobert Mao Did Not Turn up in Kasese

DP officials said Mao did not communicate with them throughout the day

 Nobert Mao Did Not Turn up in Kasese

Democratic Party President Norbert Mao on Wedneday kept several party officials waiting in Kasese when he failed to turn up for campaigns as scheduled.

Mao was expected to hold campaigns in Kasese district on Wednesday as per the schedule, according to the DP chairman for Kasese district, Joseph Kule.

Kule said that he expected Mao to campaign in several parts of Kasese but he did not show up and he did not even communicate the reason why he failed to show up.

"I couldn't book a venue because I was not sure if he would turn up. He has not called to inform us of his programme since morning I have been in the office waiting," Kule said last night.