By Ronald Kabuye
The Chief Justice Bart Katureebe has rubbished allegations that he is contented with the 20 million salary increment that was effected by the public service.
While addressing the Uganda Judicial Officers Association UJOA extra ordinary general assembly at high court in Kampala where they deferred the strike to the 11th of December 2017, Katureebe laughed off the viral whatsapp messages on the Judiciary officers platform that suggest that he is satisfied with the 20 million salary increment hence a reason he doesn’t fight for them.
Katureebe highlighted the efforts he has put up to see that all the judicial officers welfare is dealt with as the protocol and the law suggests.
He also revealed that he wrote to the president telling him how it is unfair and not feasible to enhance his salary and that of the deputy chief justice leaving the other judicial officers at the same thus advising that the law and protocol should be followed since Judiciary is at top in public service hiliac hence should be the most paid before lamenting about how lower public servants earn much more than them thus emphasising how he is not contented with the suggested 20 millions.
In the same manner the principal judge Yorokamu Bamwaine revealed that government as always been promising but never fulfils and instead of the public blaming the responsible parties they shift the blame to the Judiciary especially on case backlog yet it’s government to appoint the required judges.
He also wondered how an arm of government is allocated 0.4% this financial year from 0.6% last year budget thus applauding the strike for bringing out the truth.
Bamwaine thus welcomed the action by the ministry of finance to issue a financial implication certificate for the Judiciary Administration Bill which make the Judiciary autonomous.