Am not leaving FDC, Muntu unveils his new strategy


By Ronald Kabuye
Former Forum for Democratic Change FDC president Maj. Gen Gregory Mugisha Muntu has declared that  he will be carrying out national wide consultations on the differences in the party effective 1st December and there after he will take what he termed as unrushed decision on the way forward.
Muntu who was franked by numerous members of parliament and party members at a press conference held at hotel Africana, said its on the background of the many significant, undeniable issues and differences that exist within the party that he is basing his consultations.
He said the only way to know what is true and get a lasting solution is to hold a Frank, open and exhaustative discussion about the same not only with the newly elected FDC leadership but with other stakeholders right from grassroots to national level
“there is a lot of debate in the country about FDC, which is healthy in itself because there is a lot we need to discuss so as to arrive on  a decision without emotions or frustration” said Muntu
“let us focus our efforts on doing whatever we can to build a uganda we can all be proud of. A country that truly offers each of her citizens the opportunity to prosper, access justice and be united in our diversity and just. ” Muntu added.
When asked whether he intends to start a new party or go back to national resistance movement NRM,he said that the issue is not party but having honest and democratic leaders, who can sharp the party to focus on the main objective not their differences and in the style of leadership thus downplaying the hopes of those wishing him to rejoin the ruling party NRM.
In the same way starting next week Muntu  will be joining hands with all prochange people in building the structures and networks necessary to resist president museveni attempts to change the constitution especially on removal of the presidential age limit and Land amendments, and also to empower Ugandans to take back their country.
Muntu said he will be doing this as a member of FDC and will be briefing the party on all his political moves.
He contended that Ugandans are tired of politicians lying, cheating, pretending and selling to them hot air thus advising that with a little more organisation and grassroots mobilization change will be invetiable.
“we are going to mobilize all Ugandans to participate in the elections of lc1 chairpersons and women Councils, encourage, support and mentor prochange Ugandans across party lines to offer themselves as candidates, pressure government to drop their efforts of changing the provisions of our constitutional provisions on presidential age-limit and land” said Muntu.
Muntu’ remarks come ahead of the Friday’s ceremony when he will be handling over the office to the new president Patrick Amuriat oboi


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