October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

NRM government should not be compared to the past regime- Katikiro Mayiga



By Ronald Kabuye
The Buganda premier Charles Peter Mayiga has urged Ugandans to stop comparing the National Resistance Movement NRM government that has spent 33 years in power to the past government especially those of president Milton Obote and Iddi Amin Dada.
Mayiga said though NRM has a long way to go in growing the country’s economy, eradicate poverty and the many challenges in the health and education sectors,  respect of Human Rights and fighting of criminality but that doesn’t warrant it to be compared to the past dirty government of failures.
He advised that Uganda should instead be compared to the countries they were in the same status in the past years like South Korea, Malaysia Singapore and others.
The Buganda premier who was addressing the Lukiiko sitting at Bulange Mengo also said there is a campaign on social media and internet aimed at tarnishing the name of Baganda in prominent and high offices in the country, by writing falsehood about them so that people loose trust in them.
Furthermore Owekitibwa Mayiga advised the public to keep them selves health, capitalize on improving were they have under performed in 2018 and most importantly not to loose hope if they are to fulfill their year’s resolutions.

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