October 20, 2020
October 20, 2020

NRM Launches Scientific Electoral Commission Centre To Handle Political Mobilization 2021


Mr. Mugisha John Mushaijaomwe, chairman team thorough YKM 2021 and his deputy Mr. Ainesasi Hillary while addressing the media

By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com

POLITICS: Mugisha John Mushaijaomwe  the National Chairman and the Co-ordinator ‘Team thorough YKM 2021’ while speaking to the media at Emland hotel Kampala ahead of launching NRM E-electronic gadgets scientific electoral commission centre to handle political mobilization 2021 said that with Covid-19 pandemic there so many changes that happened and we want to inform our beloved members that from today on words untill chairman of our party ‘NRM’ president Museveni directs, otherwise as far as politics is concerned we are going to be reaching you through E-electronic gadgets and we have since set up an ‘EC’ centre to handle the scientific political mobilization because we are not able to congregate.

He explained that Team thorough YKM 2021 is the election mobilization team structured country wide from national  to the village level.

“We lead the mobilization in the general election 2016 and performed well, so this EC centre that we set up is going to help us to reach up to every corner of the country in frontline our candidate General Museveni come 2021” Said Mugisha

He adds that we have been having miss understanding in-between our NRM ranks pressure groups but good a chance we are to tell the country that, reaching today we have resolved those miss understanding and we are now one and therefor we encourage our members who are out there that we are now work together since we under one leadership of president Museveni and still following the vision for team YKM.

“The purpose of unity is to straighten our selves as you know, united we stand, divide we follow, the future belongs to organized one’s and once you have miss understanding within your own ranks then that means you are not organized and therefor you can’t do much and as you know President Museveni has been champion and advocating for unity” Said Mugisha

However Mugisha encouraged all Ugandan’s to continue following the guidelines given by the government in the fight against Covid-19 pandemic, wash hands regularly, stay home where necessary, waer facemask and avoid touching soft part’s.

Ainesasi Hillary, the deputy national Co-ordinator in charge of mobilization and field operations team thorough YKM 2021 said that as Mr. Mugisha say’s  we are here to inform the country especially our Co-ordinators and other NRM cadres because this target it’s not only for members team YKM who are in structure vbut it’s for all Ugandan’s.

“The trend has changed, it’s no longer like those days we used to gather mass campaign, now it’s going to be scientific mobilization through phone calls, radio, TV, SmS and etc it’s focused on digital error using our social media platforms and all communication shall be channelled through E-electronic gadgets” Said Ainesasi

Meanwhile, Ainesasi called Ugandan’s who loving peace, peace loving Ugandan’s, those with vision for leadership of president Museveni come 2021, we are going to win elections with big numbers that never recorded.

“Am sure that president Museveni should be much, much stronger and with much confidence that he still around and no body is that to intimidate us, we are in charge and we have achieved allot and much of them speaks them selves” Said Ainesasi


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