By Kabuye Ronald

Members of parliament this morning almost turned parliament into  market vending as Forum for Democratic Change FDC national mobiliser and FDC contender for East African Legislative Assembly EALA seat Ingrid Turinawe took to podium to unveil her agenda them.

Upon reaching the podium National Resistance Movement NRM MPs put up a 14 minute chaotic and dramatic scenes in parliament by booing her and hurling various insults towards her including telling her how Mpigs can’t vote for.

This brought campaigning business at standstill since Ingrid all this kept on looking and smiling at them with the efforts of the Speaker Rebecca Kadaga, Government Chief whip and Cecilia Ogwal to calm the situation were futile.

However Ingrid finally managed to speak amidst the noise put saying that her campaign had given her an opportunity to expose the rot in parliament before emphasizing that a pig will always remain a pig.

“I stand for a cause for my country. No one can stop me. I came expecting what you are doing. A pig is a pig” said Ingrid

Unlike Ingrid, Florence Ibi Ekwau, also on the FDC was left to campaign without interruptions while Democratic Party candidate who also happens to be an incumbent Fred Mukasa Mbidde rolled out his agenda amidst praises with some chanting how they love him like money.

The same situation was not different from the other candidates especially from NRM and some Independents.

47 candidates are vying for the 9 EALA seats of which 6 candidates are NRM and the FDC, DP and UPC will tussle for two slots leaving the independents with one.


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