October 25, 2020
October 25, 2020

NRM Renewable Youth Cited To Join People Power’s Bobi Wine


By Andrew Visper realmusisilwanga@gmail.com
The Kampala youth and Ghato NRM Supporter under their umbrella ‘Youth Renewable Energy cited to join people power boss Bobi Wine after being promised by NRM and failure to deliver.
According to the their chairman Sebulime Emmanuel who was addressing them today in Kampala said that, the umbrella is over 120,000 members in Kampala the die had NRM Renewable Youth Supporter who are now tired and regretting why they decided to give their support and it’s the reasons why are now want to support People Power Of Bobi Wine.
“Enough is enough we tired NRM, what they always do, is to  promise us day, evening and night but they never forever delivered anything both security and Financially. We have been tortured by police, prominent political leaders, we reported them but they never responded” Said Sebulimehe
He added that, they ignores us because some of us are from ‘KIFEESI’ background but we are voters.
“Our new strategy is to mobilize all youth in the country to show them the clear light and to narrates  to then how bad NRM is and their game player Mzee Museveni who came in power with few guns but for us we are more than that” Said Sebulime
Keefa Mafumo the Notional Assistant Youth President in the office of president who was addressing them and pledged them to change their mind because NRM is the father of this country and Mzee was green about their cry.
Mafumo who started by narrating the situation welcomed him while coming to address them said that, I don’t think that I can get organized people like you, but when I was entering some whispered to each other and said the guest of honor is too short but being short means you ready have seed money.
“I promise you to take you to the promised Land, I have here to tell you the truth that I have never taken any group to president that organised like you, good enough you searching and bearing for Government mission” Said Mafumo
Mafuma added that the president has initiative program called “EMYOGO” a kinyankole word, meaning specialized program to Youth on job creation and not only youth but every body under that program.
“The emyogo initiative cover’s Taxi operators, Mechanical, Fisherman, Miller’s, Craft, Market venders, Saloon operators and etc meaning once you organised as you are just form a group of your own work experience and later Received seed money from office of the president” Said Mafumo
However am here today to know you and am already known you, and am ready to work with, NRM Program and it’s benefits it’s well clear and your progress is now on going.
Meanwhile, you asked me to meet his excellence the president “the money giver” to talk about you development, if you decide something to do plan how you will benefit and your country meaning if you have your energy stop taking it for granted in things that you no longer gain.
“Position your self for better luck since this group busy organised we suggest to give you addity job to protect mzee’s votes 2021. If any one can manage and it’s time for our youth generation let’s all involved in politics because I want to see you in our delegate conference at Namboole, people power is just a group but nothing you can gain in it”
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