By Kabuye Ronald
Makerere university LCV  woman councillor Doreen Nyanjura has vowed to stop the ongoing demolition of kiosks and small restaurants in the ivory of tower by engaging all the stakeholders.
In her official statement she posted on her official Facebook page Doreen Nyanjura demolition as  continued monstrous acts by the Vice Chancellor to torment the staffs in their already shanty, dilapidated houses.
” I have learnt that rogues were hired and have since embarked on destroying restaurants where students used to eat from.
Those behind this unscrupulous act should cease their barbaric act now! First of all, Makerere abolished feeding in the halls of residences saying it was turning into an expensive venture for the university to feed students. They opened up 5 serving food joints in University hall, Africa, Marystuart, and Nsibirwa where catering companies were hired, they serve poor quality food!
Students resorted to eating from food shelters serving at relatively low prices found in staff quarters owned by the least paid staffs including cleaners, among others where they would get additional income to sustain their families.” Nyanjura noted
“Students have been willingly getting food from these joints and this was to disapprove the poor and exploitative quality of food that the university and its managers provide to students. This semester itself, before the university was forced into a holiday, we had a spate of food strikes, in University hall and Mitchell (students complaining of poor food), in Africa and Livingstone and subsequent pouring of food at Mary Stuart where Lumumba, Complex and Marystuart hall residents get their meals. All these are signals that the students are quite dissatisfied with the services these food companies are offering to them.
Instead of addressing the issues raised by the students, the university vice chancellor even without consulting makes a decision to expel students who were showing their dissatisfaction over poor services. Then management rather goes ahead to destroy the cheap restaurants where students have been getting quality and quantity food.
This is a move by some individuals to force students to eat their food in halls of residence since we have been informed that these food companies are for some administrators who want to maximize profits.
Worse still, these serving joints have students who pay for their food on a semester basis. The university was summarily closed in the middle of the semester when the students had not finished getting their services, but alas! Poor managers of Makerere only think eviction and demolition of the restaurants should happen immediately when the students are reporting. Why do these people like endless strikes in Makerere University?
I want to categorically put it that this directive is uncalled for and archaic and must be treated with the contempt it deserves.
We cannot let the tottering old men drag us into ditches of their own ignorance. Where do you want students to get food from? Did you communicate to students not to pay their money to the food joints? Why do you do such macabre acts without allowing participation of the various stakeholders including students, staffs, and the area leadership?” She questioned
However she said that her  office is ready to engage all the stakeholders to find a lasting solution and a favorable environment to all Makerere University residents.


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