By Kabuye Ronald

Electoral Commission Lawyer Eric Sabiiti has finished preparing doccument for the   withdraw of his petition that seeks to block any person, parliament and authority from inquiring, investigating or questioning the 6 billion that was given to the 42 public officials as presidential handshake for the money recovered from the heritage oil and gas and tullow oil Uganda attribution case in London.

 Mr Sabiiti on Monday this week secured a Constitutional Court injunction stopping any discussion and investigation of this matter until the main petition is determined.IMG-20170112-WA0007

The drop of the petition is true according to the document signed by Eric Sabitti in presence of his lawyers from Candia and DW.Oundo Advocate and the consent from the respondent that is the attorney general however these document has not been seal or stamped by court.

However one of his advocate Rutaro Robert confirms that withdraw petition has been served to the constitution court.

This comes after Speaker Rebecca Kadagqa vowed not to accept any situation where a court dictates how parliamentarians speak in the house and arrange the order paper before vowing that Parliament would not debate the national budget, and government will not secure money from the consolidated fund without discussing oil bonus thus instructing the deputy Attorney General Mwesigwa Rukutana to challenge what she termed as the stupid court order and have it vacated 

It should be further noted that yesterday the same lawyer representing Sabitti went to parliament and apologized to parliamentarians and the country for the injunction that led to the halt of parliament business.

lawyers also told parliament that they have ceased representing Sabitti and pledged to talk to him so that he withdraws the petitiuon


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