Oil pipeline, refinery to cost USD 7.55b, 25b shs set aside to equip the lab


By Ronald Kabuye
The minister for energy and mineral development Eng. Irene Muloni has revealed that their in final stages with contractors to start the construction of the petroleum refinery in Hoima and the development of crude oil pipeline which will flow from hoima to Tanga in Tanzania connecting to the international market as soon as possible in order to meet the government’s target to have oil flowing by 2020.
Muloni said that the two projects will cost the partners 7.55 billion Usdollars to have it complete since government will not inject in any money.
She added that the planned storage terminal near Buloba, north west of kampala shall be developed to serve both as a central bulk storage facility and a distribution terminal.
In the same manner the minister said that they have started repairing the equipments in the state of art modern laboratory in Entebbe and equipping it fully in order to ably test, quantify mineral presence and determine its quality and medium budget set a side for the work is 25 billion shillings.
She said that the above is needed since they will be storing 60,000 barrows per day yet the country consumes 32,000 barrows per day.
This she revealed at the opening ceremony of the two days ministry of energy and mineral development 7th joint sector review 2017 held under the theme energy and mineral resources for employment creation, value addition, industrialisation and local content development.

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The workshop was opened by the first deputy Prime Minister Gen. Moses Ali with a call to other ministries to emulate the same since sector reviews help to give a broad scope of what is being done.