By Kabuye Ronald

Police publicist Andrew felix Kaweesi has confirms that indeed they have re arrested Omusinga Wa Rwenzururu Charles Wesley Mumbere and detained him at Jinja police station.

While appearing on NTV 9pm bulletin Kaweesi clarified that omusinga was not rearrested but instead arrest for other charges of terrorism, murder and treason not the ones that he was granted on adding that it is the major reason for arresting him outside court premises.

Kaweesi said that Mumbere’ file will be sanctioned and taken to court next week however he declined to reveal the details of where particularly Omumbere committed these case

When asked about the fate of mumbere, Kaweesi said is a suspect and an accused in the earlier charges.

“Mumbere is now a suspect in police custody and in other charges is an accused who will appear in court early next week, we shall not violate the 48 hour rule” kaweesi said

It should be noted that the Rwenzururu king, Charles Wesley Mumbere was re-arrested bundled on a waiting police van outside Jinja High Court gate just hours after the same court released him on bail and whisked away to  unknown place which has now been confirmed to be jinja police station.

Earlier, the Omusinga had vowed not to leave court premises until he was sure he’s a free man even if it meant to stay at court for two weeks.

However he gave up and entered his brother’ car who also doubles as a minister before he was requested to move out of it by the waiting police.

Police van door open waiting to whisk away Rwenzururu king, Charles Wesley Mumbere after Jinja High court granted him a non-cash bail of Sh100 million on Friday, his six sureties were each bonded at Sh100m not cash.
Part of the many conditions that the king is supposed to abide with includes being restricted to move in only three districts of Kampala, Wakiso and Jinja.

He was however barred from accessing Kasese, Kabarole and Bundibugyo districts as he may reportedly interfere with the ongoing investigations in the Rwenzori region attacks.


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